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NB-018 Mission: Gianna Foxxx
Gianna is back for her very next Ninjabangers mission. Her mission is to drain a room full of horny ninja dicks, every one to the last drop. She takes load after load of hot cum all over her creamy greedy body. We watch Gianna taken into the Ninja Bangers Fuck Chamber. She's been here before, she knows the routine. On her back legs spread. One after another takes his turn fucking this hot piece of ass then she is fed from both ends. This Slut has an insataiable lust for cum. After a night of feeding she jumps in the shower and things really get hot!
NB-017 Sasha Yung
This little college girl Sasha Yung comes from a strict family who do not appreciate her wild tendencies. Too Bad Sasha ran into a friend of the Ninjabangers. As a favor, we told him we will show this little slut some some manners Ninjabangers style. After being fucked silly by 3 head Ninjabangers we believe this girl now has a bright future.
NB-015 Tabitha's Ninja Spot-Check
Totally Tabitha came to test her cock sucking skills at
Ninjabangers HQ. To make things more interesting we put
a blindfold on her to see if she could identify the guys
by the feel of their dicks in her mouth. Lets just say
when it come to cocks in her mouth Tabitha has skills.
NB-013 Feeding Hanna Heart
Here we go again we find another young starlet Hanna Heart and get her up to our “Fuck Camber” for a night she won’t soon forget. Part #1 we have her service the Boyz on her knees with her mouth and throat. We glaze her sweet tits with over 8 loads of Ninja Sauce.  After warming Hanna Heart up to what it takes to be a Ninja Banger Slut, we take her no holes barred. She rides our Cocks and begs for more. I have never seen a slut who loves cock like this hot young girl. She will be back I can guarantee that!
NB-012 Trying out Gianna Foxx
One of the Ninjabangers bosses needed a new secretary. She needed to be able to take a lot of DICKtation. Super sexy MILF Gianna Foxxx came to the interview. Well being the good boss he is he decided to get the rest of the crews opinion of her skills.
NB-011 Mariah
Our next episode features this smoking hot young bored housewife. She was looking for a night of hot steamy sex. Well with the Ninja Bangers she will get that and so so much more... We threw her on the bed and fed her cock after cock, and like a pro she took it all. We left her covered in cum and a smile she'll definitely be a regular NinjaBanger Slut.
NB-010 Milf Myra, Cock Sucking Addict
"The NinjaBangers" found our newest conquest, or so we thought. We heard about this Hot Slut Myra who is known for being a 3 hole girl. We thought we'd give this girl a night she soon wouldn't forget. How wrong we were... Myra took every cock in the room and wanted more! We even pulled out the "Big Guns" to satisfy her and she drained them as well! This one is definitely a keeper.
NB-009 Arianna-Kim Ninja Banger Cock Sucking Sluts
  These two girls won't leave us alone. She like many others constantly beg to be taken by the Ninjabanger crew. She asked if she could hang around the HQ while other girls get
ninja banged. She even asked to be the personal servant to the Ninja master. I thought about it and in the end we just decided to fuck her some more.
NB-008_Cock Hungry Norico

Once in a while the crew has to be reminded of their roots in Japanese culture. What better way than to screw the daylights out of a real Japanese slut. Norico knew exactly what to do with all the ninja swords poking at her. There wasn't a stiff ninja sword in the room after she was done.
NB-006_Trained by Totally Tabitha
  One of the Ninjabangers thought he could do a solo mission on Totally Tabitha. Little did he know that Tabitha is the official Ninjabanger trainer. Rooky! She comes in from time to time to whip the crew into shape. Her job is to make sure we know how to fuck a girl up the ass and shoot load after load all over her. She makes us a better crew.
NB-001_banging_natasha (A two part special release)
We met this eastern European slut named Natasha Trump who is
supposed to be related to the big guy himself. We play along as who are the Ninjabangers to deny a hot young girl her fantasies? She really wants to make it as a model. Natasha is one of those  spoiled rich girls who would bang a group of guys just to make daddy mad. Hope he sees this, his little girl made it alright.
NB-002_Taking Tabitha James (a 3 part video special release)

This little ninja slut wanted to spy on our crew? The Ninjabangers always like to sit around and talk about our latest conquests. Did this little tramp really think she could pretend to be one of us and we not notice? I don't think so! Ninjabangers are trained to
spot wet pussy a mile away and sitting next to a bunch of ninja  studs this bitch was dripping wet. I think she got what she wanted NB style.

NB-003 Breaking Arianna Ray (A two part special release)

Sometimes I have to do some advance recon for the squad. I scouted this little 18 year old college student who wanted to be the next big TV star. She did look like a certain celebrity on the food network. After talking a bit about her skills in the kitchen it became apparent her favorite dish was sausage, served hot. She sure liked them stuffed down her mouth and in other places as well. So we gave her NINJA-SAUSAGE MANEUVER #9.

NB-004 Sasha Bangs (a 3 part video special release)

Porn doesn’t pay what it used to. We discovered one of our favorite Asian Porn stars Sasha Hollander was moonlighting as a maid in NYC. So that her porn slut skills didn’t get rusty we decided to give her a NINJABANGER training workout. We used her big tits as target practice shooting load after load on them. Apparently she was a part time slave as well as her ass was covered in bruises. We’ve come to rescue you (and fuck you) Sasha.

NB-005 Naughty Rochelle Lynne (A two part special release)
We are the new age hunter gatherers of New York. When one of
the Ninjabangers finds quality pussy he brings it back to the
fold so that we may feast. Or at least get our dicks sucked.
Well this hot number Rochelle was found by one of our senior
members. She was a wild fuck. Half warrior princess, half biker
babe but... all slut.

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